To my friends, sisters, and fellow mothers who… 

cried with me

sent me flowers

texted me on special days

texted me on ordinary days

fed me

hugged me

dreamed of heaven with me

listened to me

listened to me when I repeated myself

rushed to me

held me

messaged me

shared your baby with me

talked to me

distracted me

sewed for me

knitted for me

googled for me

cooked for me

wrote to me

sent me books

prayed for me

prepared to meet with me

ministered to me

wept for me

reminisced with me

sent me a song

planted flowers

questioned with me

sent me a card

struggled with what to write me

was proud of me

mourned with me

sat in the mud with me….

I will always be grateful to you. 

I needed you, and I still need you.

I want to love and support others the way you love and support me. 

I hope you never need me the way that I need you. But if you do, I will be there. I will be honored. 



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