The shadow in the valley 
turns dark as night. 
In the long wait for dawn,
will there ever be light?

Will redemption come 
when new babies cry?
Or does the heaviness stay
because others still die?

The broken world claims
another poor little one. 
Is there beauty for ashes
provided by the Son? 

Help me to wait for 
the sky to break light anew. 
Through your eyes show me
what you want me to view. 

There is laud in lament.
There is joy in the sorrow.
There is love in grief.
There is hope in tomorrow.

One thought on “Dawn in the Valley

  1. I just took the time to reread (almost) all the blogs. My heart breaks for your family for the loss you suffered. My heart also bursts with joy for all the hope you have been able to express here. I’ve shared these blogs with some who need to know that hope during their loss. Thank you for sharing. We serve a big God!

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