Dear Ginny,

Two years old?! How is that possible? Two years of missing you, and two years and 8 months of loving you. It feels like I’ve loved you a lifetime already, but it also feels like you just left us. My arms still ache for you, and my heart still breaks everyday missing you. 

I’m grateful we get to celebrate you at the beach today. It feels like you all around us, from the sunflowers greeting us at the door to the bright pink sunset. We are so blessed. But even with all the sweet reminders and God winks, we just want you here with us. We want to hug you and kiss you.

We wish you were here! We wish you were playing with your brother. But just because you are not here doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of our family every single day. You are our first born. You are our big sister. You are ours, and we are yours. And we will be together again. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you very much! 

Love, Mama

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