Dear Ginny, 

Happy Birthday, my girl! I love you more than ever, and I miss you more than ever! I think about you all the time. It’s fun to think about what you might be into as you turn 4 years old! Would you like pink and purple and glitter? Would you like animals? Music? Sports? Dolls? I imagine you chasing your brother and making cookies with me. I bet you’d tell Daddy everything. We didn’t know what cake you wanted so Daddy chose chocolate, Chet chose pink candles, and I picked out the sprinkles. I really wanted to design invitations for your birthday party so I did. I’m sad I didn’t send them out and there will be no party with friends. But we will still sing to you and have balloons! 

Daffodils have come up which means the long, gloomy couple months of anticipating your death day is almost over this year. On your birthday we will celebrate you, your life on earth and in heaven, and the coming spring! We will be as happy as we can be without you here to hug! I know you will be celebrating in heaven, and I am so excited to join you one day!

God has blessed us with you! I am amazed how He continues to use you to bless us and others. I know that will continue this next year. I hope you know how much we really really really love you! You are our special girl! I’m so proud to be your mama!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Chet


One thought on “Happy 4th Birthday, Ginny! 

  1. And your celebration of her life every year will just be a taste of what lies ahead for you when you truly do see Ginny in Heaven one great day coming in the future. I truly believe you all will know your beloved Ginny and she you. God bless!!!💜🙏🏻💜👏👏👏

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